모델: MMVNA-200

  - 자동차 이더넷 케이블 / 자동차 통신 케이블 테스트 장비

  - IEEE 802.3bp/bw 표준 테스트 (100/1000BaseT)

  - Configurable 8 Differential Port VNA (고객 요구에 따라 Multi port 제작 가능)

  - DC to 3000MHz Testing : All mixed-mode S-parameter combinations (e.g. Insertion Loss, Return Loss, cross-talk, TCL)

  - Up to 4 Pair, Dual Ended Testing

  - Configurable Pass/Fail criteria for Production Testing

  - Custom Limits

  - VNA Manager Results Management PC Software

  - SMA Interface supports Fixture Calibration

  - Compliant to OPEN Alliance Specifications for RF Testing of Automotive Twisted Pair Cables.

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  - Aptiv, GE, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Buick 사 등

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